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Volunteers Honored at the Fair

Each year at the Jay county Fair, the Cincinnatus League honors senior citizen by bestowing upon them Lifetime of Service Awards.  This year Paul Martin, Bob Vance, Lee Newman, Helen Martin and Judy Zearbaugh were honored.

Bob Vance is on the JCHS Board and is a past member of the Portland City Council and Jay county Boys’Club Board.  He was also a trustee of Asbury United Methodist Church, and served as trustee chairman for many years.  Bob is now a member of the Jay County Council and the Green Park Cemetery Board.

Judy Zearbaugh serves as a board Member and treasurer of JCHS.  She is also treasurer of the Cincinnatus League and the Jay County Humane Society.  As a member of Asbury United Methodist Church, Judy sings in the choir, plays handbells, has served as a Sunday School teacher, helps prepare meals, and is a money counter each week.

Congratulations and thank you to these five seniors who devote much of their time to volunteerism.


New Displays at the Museum

Several new displays are being featured at the museum this month.  Visitors are welcome to visit during regular hours of 10 to 4, Tuesday through Friday.


A display, “End of an Era”, will be featured with items from Marsh Supermarket which had their beginnings in Salem in southern Jay County.  Another display was prepared of photographs, articles, and items from Redkey’s history, including Redkey High School.  A collection of items from the former Indiana Glass Company, which were donated by the John S. Esparza family will also be on display in the Domestic Arts Room.  John was employed at Indiana Glass in Dunkirk for 30 years, from March, 1972, until March, 2002.

Also, featured are wedding dresses and bank memorabilia, from the collection of Cheryl Myers, from past and present Jay County banks.

Items that have recently been donated to the museum include a Civil War medallion, given by Glen and Chris Bickel of Ft. Wayne, and a cast iron stove from Robert G. Holley of Muncie.


Let there be Light

For those who have had to squint to find friends and family in the senior composites hanging in the front hallway of the museum, those days are over!  Thanks to Randy Loyd for installing new lighting on the ceiling.  The new LED light strips make it much easier to see the pictures than the three small bulbs on the wall .  Also look for improved lighting in other areas of museum.

Museum Hours

The Jay County Historical Museum will be closed on Mondays.  

The museum is open from Tuesday through Friday at 10 to 4:00 PM. 

Monday and Saturday the museum is open by chance or by appointment.