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New Displays Taking Shape at Museum

As Spring approaches, new displays are appearing at the museum.  Visitors are welcome to visit during regular hours of 10 to 4, Tuesday through Friday.

A genealogy display, in preparation for Genealogy Day, has been arranged in the showcases in the genealogy library.  It contains many tools for doing family research which are available in our genealogy library.

A display of advertising pencils, pens, matchbook, and other small items were donated by Cheryl Martin Myers, and bring back memories of past businesses.

The large display boards in the museums feature painting by local artist Steve McClung.  Steve is of of ten children born to Portland residents Raymond and Nellie Weibush McClung.  Steve graduated from Portland High School in 1958, attended Manchester College, and then married Sheron Thorn in 1962.  Steve began painting professionally in 1963. Steve’s painting will be on display at the museum throughout the next several months.

Museum Hours

Winter is the season when we have fewer visitors at the museum and when volunteers are working to rearrange displays.  This year we will be moving more items into our new addition and renovating other areas.

However, when weather permits, the Jay County Historical Museum will be closed on Mondays.  

The museum is open from Tuesday through Friday at 10 to 4:00 PM. 

Monday and Saturday the museum is open by chance or by appointment.

A new display already in place is about the local Grange.  Stop by and see this in the library showcases.