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Bison Finds a Home

Jay County’s Bicentennial Bison has arrived at his permanent home.  After traveling around the county during the past year, he has wandered back to the museum and is standing in his permanent pasture in the garden in front of the museum.

New Displays Taking Shape at Museum

Several new displays are being featured at the museum this month.  Visitors are welcome to visit during regular hours of 10 to 4, Tuesday through Friday.


The large display boards in the museums feature painting by local artist Steve McClung.  Steve is of of ten children born to Portland residents Raymond and Nellie Weibush McClung.  Steve graduated from Portland High School in 1958, attended Manchester College, and then married Sheron Thorn in 1962.  Steve began painting professionally in 1963. Steve’s painting will be on display at the museum throughout the next several months.

Three cases of children’s toys and games have been changed by Board Member Sylvia Morrical.  Two are in the museum kitchen, and the third case is in the large middle room.  Six large photographs, some previously in the museum and others supplied through Heritage Support Grant funding, are now displayed around the top of the farm room.

May Monthly Meeting

The museum’s Program Meeting on Tuesday, May 23rd at 7:00 PM will be on the life and history of General John Peter Cleaver Shanks.  The program will be presented by Richard Jones.

Museum Hours

The Jay County Historical Museum will be closed on Mondays.  

The museum is open from Tuesday through Friday at 10 to 4:00 PM. 

Monday and Saturday the museum is open by chance or by appointment.