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June Monthly Meeting

The next monthly program meeting will be held on Tuesday June 28th at 7:00 PM.  The topic will be announced.


New Driveway Added

A stone driveway was recently added on the east side of the museum.  This will eliminate two-way traffic through the narrow parking lot on the west side of the building when there are several cars present.  The drive will also serve as a walk-way for visitors at our festival in the fall.  Thanks to the Portland Foundation for a grant in the amount of $1,068 to help with part of the construction cost for this driveway.

Now Entering Portland

WIPB-TV, channel 49, at Ball State University is using Portland as the “guinea pig” for a series they plan to do to celebrate the area’s small towns.  Station personnel were in Portland for two day several months ago to interview residents and collect photos and video footage of the community.  The program tells the stories of various segments of Portland’s history and daily life.  It will air at 8:00 PM on Thursday, June 9, on Channel 49 during the station’s pledge week.